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Mission Statement

The Santa Cruz County Women's Commission is a non-partisan advisory board that serves to advance the causes of all women, expand possibilities for women and girls and advocate for empowerment and equality.

Goals and Objectives

The Women's Commissions' objective is to be a credible, visible, community-based entity that advises the Board of Supervisors and serves women and girls in Santa Cruz County in the following ways:

  • Provide a safe and appropriate place for women to express community concerns
  • Initiate collaborations, bringing together needs and resources to inspire community action
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development and service
  • Take an active role in advancing Local, State, and Federal Legislation that positively affects women and their families.


The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors, authorized under County Ordinance #2105, on the following:

  • Inequalities of rights and opportunities suffered by people of this County - with a specific focus on women.
  • The County's Equal Employment Opportunity plans, policies, personnel rules, and job descriptions as they affect women.
  • Employment opportunities for women in the County, especially in non-traditional fields.
  • Barriers to equal employment and equal pay.
  • Current and projected needs of women in our County.
  • Federal and State legislation affecting women.

The Commission also provides information and resources concerning equal rights, opportunities, and community services for women.


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Commission Vacancies

To apply for a County Advisory Body,
View our Application For Appointment.